Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How do transformers work, no not the robots.?

How do transformers work detailed descriptions please. Also how are the voltages stepped up or down?How do transformers work, no not the robots.?A transformer is a device that can be used to increase voltage and decrease current (or vice versa). It uses AC power and is based on Faraday's law of induction (mutual induction).

A transformer is made up of two coils, each with a different number of turns, linked magnetically through a soft iron core. The magnetic flux from one coil links the other through the core. When the flux in one coil changes, the flux passing through the other will change, inducing a voltage (emf) in the second coil.

The coil connected to the AC power source is known as the primary coil (number of turns = Np), while the coil in which voltage is induced is known as the secondary coil (number of turns = Ns). If the primary coil sets up a changing flux, the voltage in the secondary coil depends on the number of turns in the secondary. The transformer is assumed to be ideal in which the resistance of the coils is negligible and all the flux in the core links both primary and secondary windings. There will be no energy loss in an ideal transformer.How do transformers work, no not the robots.?Transformers can e used only for A.C

the fluctuating current in the primary coil produces a magmetic field.this magnetic field by mutual induction makes a current in secondary coil

The no:of turns in primary and secon determines thr rating of transformers

more the no:of turns more magnetic field will be produced in primary

and less the no:of turns in the secon lesser will be the current induced

and vice versa

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