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What are some careers that require a good amount of travel?

Every time I go to the airport and see the folks in suits with briefcases that get to travel every where, I'm left wondering what their careers are. I'm in college now and still have time to change my major. What are some careers that would allow me to travel?What are some careers that require a good amount of travel?Those people are probably executives or higher ups in management for companies. Also, some journalists for travel magazines and travel editors get to travel, but I wouldn't base your college career on it. Of course the travel industry, and even nurses have programs where they can go abroad, but each profession varies on how much of the trip is free.

I'm graduating college this upcoming year, and I can definitely say its more important to feel out every subject and decide a major you like most, and then try to decide how you can incorporate your other interests in like travel.

Travel is fun for a while, but when you have two 14 hour flights within 3 days, no real time to sightsee, and have to travel by yourself, its not so fun. Not to mention airports are becoming more and more hellish every year.

I'd say just go on vacation or study abroad for a while, then think about it. Also, I work for a travel company for college students called . They offer reasonably priced, fun trips for college students that survey many different European countries, and all the prices include airfare (which is what makes EF's prices so cheap). My manager discount code is "Kyle3585" and you get a guaranteed 50 bucks off per person with that (can go up to 250 bucks off), so check it out to get a feel for the different countries first or just to get out of the US for a while.What are some careers that require a good amount of travel?
I know of a couple of positions... Some Account Managers travel to visit clients a couple days out of the week and this would probably be in any field that conducts business nationwide or worldwide. Corporate trainers, they travel to teach the philosophy or programs of the company. Motivational speakers travel a lot and also get paid well if they are well known. Event coordinators - they travel to conventions, events, etc. There are a lot of positions that require traveling, and there are a lot of people who don't want to travel. If you are willing to travel a good amount of time, you have an edge up. You may consider doing a job search on and include 50% or 100 % travel and see what comes up. You should definitely travel while you are young. You experience a lot and don't have much to hold you back! Good luck on your career!What are some careers that require a good amount of travel?Aside from being a pilot and flight attendant, Public relations officers are provided with an opportunity to travel. This is true with both private and public companies.

You can also pursue a career in Hotel Management or Culinary Arts. You can be assigned to other countries, especially to tourist destinations.
most of the time it is hard to get into these kinds of jobs but become anything with airline a pilot a assitant anyone who flies on the plane there are perks to you get to fly for free when you want a vacation and you get to see the world if you go with a big enough company but i not sugesting it right now because of the gas for planes but a pilot i say go for it with all you go because they get paid stupendous but another downfall you have to have been in the airforce to becaome a pilot for any airline companyWhat are some careers that require a good amount of travel?fbi, cia, business men in oil businesses overseas. alot of things you could major in.What are some careers that require a good amount of travel?
Airline pilot. Bus driver. Train conductor.
journalism, flight attendant , buisness , marketer, tv hostWhat are some careers that require a good amount of travel?
photography but only if your commissioned by a company or have lots of cash
foreign business relations
Bum. You're always on the move.
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