Thursday, February 2, 2012

How far could a horse travel in a day?

I am writing a story that involves a culture very dependent on horses and I need to know how far an Arabian horse could travel in one day.How far could a horse travel in a day?Ok ... I only have tried travelling an arabian over 120 kilometers in one day ... But there are many endurance rides in Dubai for example where they race for over 160 kilometers and most of the horses do it in few hours ...

So my best answer would be that an arabian with the proper training and feeding can travel to more than 200 kilometers per day.How far could a horse travel in a day?i am glad you are doing your story on arabian horses. a great website to get times and such is

if you want to totally get into the history, go into the , you should get some historical info there.

if you cant find it there, go ahead and email at

i am very conservative with my email so make sure i will recognize you in the subject...

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