Sunday, February 5, 2012

What are some complaints about a travel agency?

I am writing a letter to a travel agency to complain about my holiday trip which was a disaster from start to finish. What are some problems that I could have encountered during the trip? The tour guide could hardly speak english? The tour schedule was not punctual? Flight delays? I need this for my English subject. Thanks in advance.What are some complaints about a travel agency?flight delays wouldn't really be the fault of the travel agency. However, how/whether you were taken care of,

whether things were smoothened out,

whether you were able to catch the connecting flights,

whether you were provided proper food %26amp; lodging [in case of inordinate delay - altho' technically, this would be the airline's concern],

whether concerns %26amp; fears were passed on to the airline officials,

whether any alternatives were chosen,

whether you were kept properly informed, etc. etc. Could be areas of complaint.

some more could be :

-- the sight-seeing was too hectic

-- sight-seeing not properly planned

-- hospitality lacking

-- rooms chosen were not up to the mark [or as advertised]

-- rudeness of guide, etc.

-- first-aid kits, %26amp; basic emergency equipment were lacking in the tour buses

-- basic amenities lacking in hotels

-- food %26amp; provisions not of promised grade.

hope these get you started

all the very best :-)What are some complaints about a travel agency?Smaller, newer accounts neglected in favor of older, established accounts.

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