Thursday, February 2, 2012

What is the best season to travel in Vietnam?

How easy is it to travel in Vietnam without being on an organised tour. Are there signs in English?What is there in the way of B and Bs or similar?How good is public transport?Are women harassed?What is the best season to travel in Vietnam?I am English and have lived and worked in Vietnam for 2 years. Travel is fun over here you meet so many interesting people if you take the time to TRY to talk with them. I do not speak Vietnamese, but you get by as a lot of Vietnamese people speak a little English, and enjoy "practising" it on a foreigner. Not being female, I cannot comment on the harassment part of your question, but through talking with other Westerners, I have not heard of this happening. Be as careful here as you would back home, but make sure you bring your sense of humour. Some signs are in English, But you will get by with a map, which are very cheap to buy. As for weather........rule of thumb is generally when it's wet and cool in the North, it is hot and dry in the South and vice versa. Depends on where you go as well. Central Highlands around DaLat are really very much cooler than the rest of the country.

Guest houses/hotels start from very little money and go up in price from there. Bargaining can be done, but remember to be fair and do not try to pay too little.Try to find the backpacker districts for some good value accommodation. The train from Hanoi to Saigon is a wonderful way to see the country and meet people. A good web site to look at is it gives you prices and timetables of trains and buses. Hope this helps you. Take the plunge and come and see for will not regret it.What is the best season to travel in Vietnam?
Women are not being harassed in Vietnam. If you are travel on low budget, then i suggest you stay in Pho Tay (Foreigner City) located at the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you can get a room there for under $10/night. There are many travel agencies/organized tours within the foreigner City at a very reasonable price but you don't have to use them if you dont want too. However, you can utilize there bus tour as a mean of transportation because it is safe and on time (most of the time). You can just buy the bus ticket without book the whole tour, and once you get to your destination, you can be on your own, which is i do not recommend.What is the best season to travel in Vietnam?Spring is the best season because of the Lunar New Year, everyone is out and having fun. Summer is also good but it's even more hotter during that time. and a lot of people like going during the fall season because the airplane tickets are cheaper. So whatever season works best for you. Signs in English are pretty slim. For public transportation, there will be taxi's everywhere over there and they are pretty much good with going through the city and knowing their way around. Woman are not harassed over there...
the women are not being harassed,,,it is fault statement and info...there are of many ways as public transportation's..if you are planning to stays i nthe foreigner district..then English is not a problem for you...but the communications are always for the season is all depends on the people...but most of the time in Vietnam is a tropical rains forest weather..sticky, humidity, and hot...but from May to October are the raining season months in Vietnam...What is the best season to travel in Vietnam?Hi we went twice in 2009 and traveled all over without any problems , there are signs in english , there are plenty b/b,s and the publis transport is great and cheap and NO you wont get harrassed鈥?/a> for cheap hotel %26amp; b/bWhat is the best season to travel in Vietnam?
It is quite easy. Many signs are in English. There are many good, clean hotels at reasonable prices (US $ 30/night). Hostels are even much less expensive (even as low as $ 5/night). Public transport is very good, in cities, large towns and between cities. Women are not harassed at all and are treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Best time: October through April.

So come and enjoy!
From November to February the weather is nice and cool. Nowadays everything is betterWhat is the best season to travel in Vietnam?

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