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What is the best way to travel in the universe at high speed?

in your theory, what is the best way to travel at high speed in universe?What is the best way to travel in the universe at high speed?Theoretically wormhole is the best option. A wormhole is a very very long black hole which can carry us midway through the universe! Wormholes have two open mouth-like ends which converge together at a very thin neck. The total length of a wormhole is millions of light years, probably galaxies across!!! A person entering one mouth of a wormhole will come out of the other mouth almost instantly(w.r.t. himself), having passed through the thin neck of the wormhole, but wont realise that he's been half way down the universe!!! The reason for such a terrific speed is that wormholes have terrible gravitational pulls, just like the blackholes.

However the probability that a person entering a wormhole will return alive is very little, close to zero.What is the best way to travel in the universe at high speed?
It would make use of the exotic matter/energy field.

It would require an energy source...*note*, NOT a fuel source, but a direct energy source, that can tapped all the time. And no, it would not violate the laws of physics.

The method of travel is related to wormhole travel, where you would generate a singularity ahead of your ship, artificially. Using scalars. Your ship falls into the blackhole/singularity, but never reaches it, as it is always ahead of the ship. You gain great speed immediately. Interstellar travel is more than possible this way.

Of course, this would require the creation of a force field, which is made possible using the exotic matter/energy field.

If you can imagine or have an imagination then God is with you....What is the best way to travel in the universe at high speed?at high speed signifies you mean a ship...

theoreticly.... a matter-antimatter reaction powered ship would probably produce the highest possible speeds.... when the two meet, the result is pure energy..... the sheer force it creates is unimaginable by most people....

simply mixing the two will result in an explosion similar to a nuclear bomb..... but if man could find a way to harness that energy safely and use it as a means of propulsion, they could go farther and faster then anyone ever dreamed possible (since the reaction is so explosive, you also wouldn't need nearly as much fuel as say, on a conventional rocket)

once again, we can theorize about it very easily, that's not the problem.... the problem comes when you try to put it into's just one of those things that looks good on the drawing board, but as soon as you take it off the drawing board, it falls apart....
Traveling in the lee of a large asteroid might shield a ship from the worst of particle impact. But you would need to propel the asteroid as well which would require even more fuel. Perhaps it would be easier to just propel the asteroid and just keep your ship tethered to the asteroid. You would want to have a little separation to avoid unpleasantness when the asteroid impacts interstellar particles larger than dust. Perhaps some sort of technological fix is possible that would make the used of an asteroid unnecessary. But I can't think of one. What is the best way to travel in the universe at high speed?Earth is moving around at quite a clip. In fact, the earth is moving faster then any rockets we have. To enjoy the trip, all you have to do is look up at the night sky. It doesn't change much, but there is a lot to see.What is the best way to travel in the universe at high speed?
I have a cool theory about this,But I ain't tell anyone yet!

We find a way to hibernate people in ice,whenever they want;So why astronauts didn't hibernate in spaceships,until they reach their destination.and they would auto-de-hibernate
Using a space ship, which is capable for hyper jump.


http://space-and-times.blogspot.comWhat is the best way to travel in the universe at high speed?
In theory, using a wormhole, it could instantly take from one point in the universe to another.... in theory.....
psychopathically, matter cannot travel more than lightspeed but waves for example brain waves can
First class if you can afford it.
become a beam of light

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