Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is cheapest travel from JFK airport to Times Square NY?

Travelling first time form UK London to JFK and would like any info or advice on best and cheapest travel to Times Square.

I have checked Taxi price and see that it will prob cost about $45 from the airport.

Any other means like coach would be good but i cant find any info on prices.

Thanks in advance.What is cheapest travel from JFK airport to Times Square NY?the NY Airport service bus is now only $7 from JFK to Manhattan.

or the shuttle for $17 is cheapest travel from JFK airport to Times Square NY?You're right, the taxis in NYC (the yellow ones) charge a $45 flat fee from JFK to Times Square, which includes a toll if the taxi is taking the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, one of the major East River crossings into the city.

The airport express motorcoach charges about $15 from airport to either the Port Authority Bus Terminal or Grand Central Terminal. Public transit is the cheapest way to go if you want to save some cash.

Now, there are two ways to get from JFK to Times Square.

Option 1, you can take the subway (underground) straight to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which take about 45 to 50 minutes. Once you exit the subway at the PA Bus Terminal, you can walk a block east to Times Square.


Option 2, you can take the Long Island Railroad, which is a commuter railroad, from Jamiaca Station to Penn Station and then the subway from there to Times Square. The trip by commuter rail will take about 25 minutes, with about a 2 minute ride on the subway from Penn Station to Times Square.

The link below has all the information you need to know about getting from airport to Times Square, including fare information on both the subway and the commuter rail, as well as fare information on the JFK Airtrain, which is an airport peoplemover that connect the airport with Jamaica Station.

I hope this information is very helpful. If you have any questions or need travel directions while in town, just drop me a line by clicking on the avatar and e-mail icon in the profile. I'll be glad to help.

Good luck

Native New YorkerWhat is cheapest travel from JFK airport to Times Square NY?Is your hotel in Times Square? If so, ask if they have a free shuttle bus.鈥?/a> Hotels w/ shuttle service

If not, you can reserve you own for US$17.00 each way if you book a round trip.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

Safe travels.
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