Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Will humans discover a way to travel faster than the speed of light?

Its obvious that other beings have discovered the ability to possibly travel much faster than the speed of light. There have been far too many UFO sightings and even credible Astronauts have confessed to UFO sightings. Humans have their idea of physics ,but obviously there is something out there far beyond our human understanding.Will humans discover a way to travel faster than the speed of light?NeverWill humans discover a way to travel faster than the speed of light?
I never say it can't happen. Science and technology is always changing. That is what makes it fun and interesting. If a way can not be found to break the known laws of physics maybe a way can be found to go around them.

My Grandmother used to tell me in her time was the first airplane, radio, TV, electricity in houses, indoor plumbing, man on the Moon and many other accomplishments we take for granted.

I have no doubt someday people will visit the stars as commonly as we travel city to city.

Yeah, I am a dreamer, but everything starts with someones idea and grows. Maybe your name will become famous as the person who discovered the answer to your question :)Will humans discover a way to travel faster than the speed of light?The answer is yes. I believe government scientists are already producing contraptions such secret military craft and various other machines and stuff that can travel faster than the speed of light and have been for a long time in area 51 but I cant say what stage they are at with it as I don't know obviously... who knows??? I'm guessing that they are still at the experimental stages as it is government secret just like the flying saucers (Secret military aircraft) they have been making and designing since the 1940's but have become more advance since then, hence the reason why more flying saucers have been reported, Nasa also know about it but are not allowed to revile anything like that to us lot. The public are not suppose to know about secret military projects so its best that we believe that they are extraterrestrial. Although astronauts work for Nasa they also have limited knowledge of whats really going on as they are just there to do one thing.

I do believe in UFO's extraterrestrial space craft and I know that extraterrestrials have been visiting our earth for many thousands of years witch is very evident throughout our history. I'm not claiming to know everything its just what I believe.

That day will come.Will humans discover a way to travel faster than the speed of light?This is an interesting way to approach the logic: i.e. UFOs are obviously alien spacecraft (evidence consists of hearsay from YouTube videos, high school friends, and wackos who were "abducted"). Therefore, the entire discipline of modern physics, encompassing libraries of mathematics and observations documented by people who have devoted their lives to such efforts, is wrong. Is that what you meant to say?Will humans discover a way to travel faster than the speed of light?
It is NOT obvious that other beings have discovered how to travel faster than light.

UFO sightings and abduction stories are no different than ghost stories. They are all bogus, and often hoaxes.
NoWill humans discover a way to travel faster than the speed of light?
it is LITERALLY impossible for us to travel at the speed of, or faster than light. its like asking a cat to be a dog. for something to travel at the speed of light, it has to have no mass. this is impossible. but if you wanted to travel faster than the speed of light, you would have to have less than no mass. does that make any sense to you?
While there may be life in other planets, they are also bound by the same laws of physics that we are. I doubt that we have been visited by alien life because if they really could break the laws of physics, communicating with us and taking over the world (in a very scientific way) would be a breeze for them. So no, we have not been visited by aliens.

Finding a shortcut for travelling distance (wormholes) also seems unlikely as we would then have to challenge concepts of time
From what I understand, matter becomes more massive as you approach the speed of light, so, you'd need an infinite amount of thrust to actually get there. You could get close in theory.

Of course, you'd probably get fried before then.

We could, however, get to say... a tenth of the speed of light. That won't happen in our lifetime though.

Some parts of physics are kinda bizzarro. I've heard discussion about wormholes. But you aren't really moving at those speeds with wormholes, just popping in and out of existence or something like that.

Oh, and as a completely after the fact thing, I didn't even pay much mind to the UFO thing. To me, it really doesn't apply to the question, as to whether light speed would be discovered. Sagan was pretty convincing in his explanation of the Drake equation as far as I'm concerned, so, I'll just set the UFO topic aside.
Those astronauts who have confessed to UFO sightings must have been high or drunk. There's no such thing as UFO. Even if there are aliens, even intelligent ones, what makes you sure that they have the technology to build space ships? Humans were intelligent 500 years ago but had no spaceship. UFO sighting is overrated.

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