Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is the best way to travel from Venice to Rome?

What is the cheaper way to travel to Rome from Venice? Plane or train? I was thinking train, but I think that requires more than 1 train, and is somewhat like a full-day trip.

Can anyone give me tips? My trip is planned for the end of the year.

Thank you, much appreciated.What is the best way to travel from Venice to Rome?The train is the best and most convenient way to go. You can find schedules and prices here:鈥?/a> Train changes are only required if you take the slower regional trains point-to-point to get to Rome to get cheaper fares. The fast trains take 3 hr 46 min and cost 73 euro for a standard 2nd class ticket, but you can get a discounted ticket for early purchase for as low as 51 euro (30% off). Right now, there's also a special promotion going on for 48 euro. Check the promotions page of the train website closer to when you travel to find out what's available then.

I live near Venice and prefer the night train. Going from Venice to Rome, the train leaves Venice at 11:30 pm and arrives in Rome at 6:56 am the next morning. The travel time is longer, but you're using time you'd be sleeping anyway for transit. You won't need a hotel for that night or lose sightseeing time while you're here. The normal fare for a seat is 37.50 euro, but you're better off getting a berth in a cuchette. The standard fare for a berth in a 4 bed compartment is 60.90 euro, but there are also discounts for early purchase on these accomodations. You can get this for as low as 42.60 euro.

When you consider the time %26amp; cost of getting to and from the airports allowing time to check in, get through security and actual flight and waiting for baggage if necessary, the fast trains are quicker.What is the best way to travel from Venice to Rome?As conley said, the train is the best way to go. As a whole, traveling in Europe is best by train-its more part of European culture, its generally cheap, and its comfortable. There are sometimes when flying is cheaper and Easier, but on the whole the train is the way to go

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