Monday, January 30, 2012

How do you become a travel agent?

I have always been interested in this work. I want to become a travel agent, but currently I just want to do it in my spare time and still work my full-time job and possibly later work ful time at it. Also does anyone know how much $$$$$ you can make a doing this type of work? Thanks in advance!How do you become a travel agent?You need to specialize in a specific type of travel: i.e. cruises or all-inclusives.

Airlines don't pay commissions on plane tickets - there's no money to be made there.

You can buy a franchise for some agencies for as little as $9,000 which includes some training.

If you want to be your own agent and want to be successful then you really need to do it full time.

If you want to do this part time, then look to an established agency that is willing to train a new agent. An agent that wants YOU to pay in order to work for them is not where you should be. Why should you pay somebody to work for them?

Avoid "agencies" like YTB and others who talk more about their membership, or who appear to be more interested in signing up folks than they are about actually selling travel. These groups are just pyramid scams in a dress. Any agency that talks more about getting you agent benefits or agent rates than about selling travel and having an established business isn't a reputable agency that is recognized by most travel suppliers.How do you become a travel agent?Well first of you should pick something your familiar with and get all the knowledge you want, If you want to work for a agency that usually pay commision on sale,

You can be one of my sub agents but it costs some $$$ to get started;

I own my own agency but it costs $$$ to setup and you get paid commisions, plus we train you

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