Monday, January 30, 2012

What is it like to travel international ?

If I travel by plane what will it be like? What I mean by that is what is the whole experiance going to like?What is it like to travel international ?flying east over the atlantic is annoying...bring sleeping pills. when i flew to europe i forgot that the sun does not set on the journey...i kept saying one more movie, i'll sleep when the sun goes down. don't make that mistake, just go to sleep.What is it like to travel international ?
if you go with friends, the time goes by alot quicker.. Its a long journey, they show you a map of where your at, you see a movie or alot of news programs, they feed you about 3 times depending on how many hours your in the air.. Overall you get off the plane about to explode from being so full. so try not to eat before getting on the plan.. Take magazines, try to take naps and then try to enjoy the Whole Experience..

Take care..

Bcn_mimosa from Barcelona , SpainWhat is it like to travel international ?Long and boring. The only good part is that you are going to get somewhere you want to be and that it will all end at some point. It's not just the flight it's having to deal with the inhumanity of the airport....getting there, parking, lines, searches, being treated like a herd of's terrible but worth it. I think God invented sleeping pills right after his first international flight crossing an ocean.What is it like to travel international ?
Sleeping pills and all of that? Inexperienced travelers. If it is your first trip you will be charged up by sights and sounds.

Relax, enjoy the whole thing. Skip the PSP and the laptop as you will never use them. Look listen and see...... once you travel once you will see the world in a whole different way. Just remember...... serious manners from start to finish will go a long way.What is it like to travel international ?i travelled alone for the first time when i was 18 and it was boring! i slept througout the whole flight though (about 7 hours).
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