Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is it safe to travel to India with colored hair?

I'm planning to travel alone to Southern India from January to April. As a woman, I have been warned to not go to India with blonde hair, which is okay since I am a natural brunette. But, would I be okay if my hair were purple or blue? It is also somewhat short, although there's nothing that can really be done about that.Is it safe to travel to India with colored hair?It is safe.You may attract a few stares but that is all.Is it safe to travel to India with colored hair?
It does not matter what color your hair is, being a white person, you will get stared at. Heck they will stare at any woman. But trust me, it is harmless. Blue or Green may make you stand out even more and you will get the wrong kind of attention..meaning more stares or laughs. I suggest you wear your natural hair, blonde or brunette or red. It is really safe to travel with any kind of hair really, although I suggest you be moderate with your dresses for safety. Knee length any thing, no cleavage etc. Jeans, tights, skirts, sleeveless tops, are all ok.Is it safe to travel to India with colored hair?yeah.. There is nothing to worry about travelling in India with colored hair. But yes, blue or purple are not common in India. It may look weird with purple on head. And yes, i agree with Cecon,try wearing saree,the traditional dress of females in India. You will look prettier in saree. and it is much safer to roam in a saree than short clothes in India.
Ha ha ha.. in India ...people r just fine with coloured hair.. well blue or purple is still weird though. Blondies r most welcome. dont worry people will only stare at u but this only happens in traditional villages. And yeah if u enter a bar or somewhere young people hang out then guys will hit on ya... trust me.. there is nothing wrong with colours...just dont wear short clothes cuz perverts r also lurking here and there..

Hav a safe trip to Incredible India. :)Is it safe to travel to India with colored hair?India itself is a colorful country for me, no matter you have coloured hair or you have tatoo, i think you are going to be fine, after all, there are many tourists there. Enjoy!Is it safe to travel to India with colored hair?
Don't worry. It's very safe. Even your hair is colored or not people are going to stare at you as you are not an Indian. If you are going to visit only cities then even that may not happen.
Only staring will be there in India if you colouring the hair is not a problem in India!Is it safe to travel to India with colored hair?
Yes India is a safe country to roam around with colored hair. But purple or blue will look weird there.
Who told u brunettes n blondies are not safe in India ... People will just stare but they don't harm ...
yes you will be safe in India.
Yes we can

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