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Why is it impossible for information to travel at or greater than the speed of light?

Only a photon can travel at the speed of light. It is the proverbial "speed limit" in our current understanding of the physical world around us. To the best of my knowledge, nothing else can travel at or greater than this speed because it would have infinite mass. Is there a current law of physics which states this concept specifically? Furthermore, what is the mass of a photon? Mathematical explaination is welcome although if the equations are too complex, a verbal answer explaining shall suffice.Why is it impossible for information to travel at or greater than the speed of light?Metaphorically, you send "Information" at the speed of light. Those messages on your Television? Radio waves, which are composed of photons.Why is it impossible for information to travel at or greater than the speed of light?
The fastest way to send information is by light. And light can't travel faster than the universal speed limit.

What faster way would there be to send information than by sending it with light?Why is it impossible for information to travel at or greater than the speed of light?It's not necessarily impossible, if information could be converted to light and if you have a counterconverter, it is possible, but the technology necessary for that is nonexistent at this point. So theoretically, it is possible, but not in application at the moment.
A photon, theoretically, has no mass.Why is it impossible for information to travel at or greater than the speed of light?enter teleportation, the copying, destruction, and

'remaking" of information in a split second to any point in the universeWhy is it impossible for information to travel at or greater than the speed of light?
Relativity states that MASS cannot move faster than the speed of light. Our current technology uses electrons and photons to transmit messages and information and the electron has mass and a photon is light, so it is limited by Relativity. However, tachyons are a theoretical particle that can travel faster than light. If they were proven to exist and could be harnessed to transfer information then we could see faster than light communications.
Oh, ye of little faith.

Just because we can't measure it at this time doesn't mean it can't happen.

Until Roger Bannister came along, it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes.Why is it impossible for information to travel at or greater than the speed of light?
Einstein's famous law of relativity that stated that. I bet you there is something that travels faster than the speed of light (other than rumours). Photons have no mass which is why they can travel at the speed of light. If they had a mass, it would take an infinite amount of energy to move them. It's kind of cool to think about the speed of light over long distances, because when you look at the nighttime sky, you are really looking back in time.

OK in equations:

Energy of a particle at rest, E0 = mc^2

Energy of a particle moving:

E(v)=E0 / sqrt(1 - v^2/c^2)

So when v = c (the speed of light) then you're dividing by zero, which gives you infinity. Get it? Got it? Good!
Assume that information could be sent faster than c. Then a synthetic light beam could be created that apparently traveled faster than c. But light cannot travel faster than c, so we have a reductio ad absurdum (RAA) and the assumption cannot hold. Q.E.D.

I think that you're confusing two concepts. Mass does increase with speed according to the lorentz transformation, but photons have no mass. It's not that they can't travel faster because they're too heavy, it's that they travel at the speed of light just because they do.

The value of the speed of light is not some arbitrary number. It is actually a result of the Maxwell wave equation.

Both of these topics are nicely explained on Wikipedia, and have both mathy and non mathy versions.

Hope that helps,

It's not impossible because information has been traveling at the speed of light for decades. Ship to ship communication by signal light, Morass code in light flashes.
one of the ways to transmit information is the use of electromagnetic waves which propagate in empty space with speed c which can't be exceeded.

the mass of a particle changes with speed according to

m=m(0)sqrt(1-VV/cc) (1)

where V represents its speed, m the relativistic mass and m(0) its rest mass. modern textbooks avoid the concept of relativistic mass expressing

(1) as

E=E(0)sqrt(1-VV/cc) (2)

for E energy of the particle and E(0) its rest energy. for V=c both m and E become infinite.

the photon is a particle which exists only in a state of motion with speed. that is why physicists consider that it has no (rest) mass. having an energy E=hf (h Planck's constant, f frequency) it is considered that it has a mass


in accordance with


go on google give it to look for

What is the mass of a photon?

it brings illuminating information.
Nonlocality in quantum mechanics is "Faster than light".

Although completely useless for our benefit or sending any signals due to it's randomness and it's only for quantum particles, they still travel FTL
There is a thing called quantum entanglement that would appear to move information instantly across distances.

If you create two particles together they have opposite spin.

If you move them apart they still have to have opposite spin.

If you interfere with the spin of one you change the spin of the other. The second observer could measure that other paricles spin to get information if he knew what the original spin was.

There are arguments that it can not do so because they need to inform the second observer of what the states were that the first observer measured.

Yet the change of state for the second entangled particle happens at the same time the first entangled particle is messed with.

That means to my mind that something is happening instantly which beats lightspeed by a whole lot.

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