Monday, January 30, 2012

How safe is it to travel to the Philippines?

I've been reading about the recent bombing at an airport in Zamboanga City where two bombers were killed and a dozen were injured. The bomb was meant for a provincial governor who was on his way out of the airport. I read about the bombings in various parts of the country in the past (i.e. Rizal Day bombings throughout parts of Metro Manila), so how safe is it to travel to the Philippines in spite of this?How safe is it to travel to the Philippines?I have lived in the Philippines with my wife for the past 8 years and have traveled around quite a bit in that time. I mainly travel to Luzon and the Visayas (middle) and have had zero problems.

In my opinion the Philippines is safe with the exception of Southern Mindano and the sulu archipelago. For once I agree with the US Embassy's warnings about those areas.How safe is it to travel to the Philippines?
Alright then, that makes me a fool hahaha!

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muslims make up about 4% of the filipino population, christians are about 94%. the 4% muslims are responsible for most of the terrorist activity, kidnappings, bombings, killings, beheadings of foriegners, etc. they sank a supper ferry in manila harbor and killed thousands. Zamboanga and Sulu are the regions that are predominantly muslim, and most christian filipinos will not travel to these regions because of safety concerns. the muslim terrorists like to targer foriegners, especially americans, who are portrayed as murderous invaders. only a fool would go there. it would be like a white guy visiting harlem or detroit, wearing a white sheet and hood.. don't expect a friendly welcome.How safe is it to travel to the Philippines?it's sad that incidents like this have to happen. but it's a random occurence and could happen anywhere where crazy terrorists-for-hire or fanatics have nothing better to do. it's not everyday that these things happen in the philippines. the authorities are doing everything to make the country safe for its citizens and visitors. you have got to believe that; otherwise, we will all cower in fear and will not be able to get on with our daily routines. it's true there are certain parts (negligible parts) of the country where terrorists reign supreme (they think they do) so for tourists it's only common sense to avoid those areas. but on the whole, the country is safe!How safe is it to travel to the Philippines?
Philippines is safe to travel. Some people are maybe exaggerating the news. I've visited the Philippines last month and i stayed in Cebu for a week. The people there are very accommodating and hospitable to the tourist and i didn't have a problem staying there. For me Philippines is a safe country to visit.
I've heard of the bombing at my hometown (Zamboanga City) but my brother just came back from there a couple days ago(I'm using his account). Plus, you don't need to go to Zamboanga, you can go to Cebu, Manila, etc.How safe is it to travel to the Philippines?
My cousin has been over there since Dec. of last year.

She hasn't mentioned anything about being in danger.

And she is returning in a couple weeks, to America.

I suppose it's safe.

Plus, the bomb was meant for the governor. Not random people, or a group of people in general.
As some already wrote here: danger is everywhere. If it is your time to go, you will.

I was freely roaming around in ARMM (Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao) in short-shorts and tanktops (due to humidity) even late at night, same thing goes to Palawan. Am still here to answer Yahoo! Answers.

Why fear death, that is our endpoint anyway.
I have a friend there and he feels very safe but then again he has a permit to carry a gun and does so all the time
Well lets put it this way:

You could get held up in Manila at gun point or you could get your head chopped off by some Muslim terrorist in Mindano. Pick your poison!
Its safe to travel here in philippines those bombing are just isolated cases sir.
Yes it is safe as long as you do NOT go to the muslim area (Mindanao) or the big cities at night.
its safe to travel in Philippines,it depends on the people if they will do something horrible or wrong there
Danger happens everywhere, any country..

I been living here for a long time --

LUCKY ME!, I am still alive.

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