Thursday, January 26, 2012

What happens in my travel soccer placing?

I am on a travel soccer team, and we just played a game. It was a tie 0-0. My team is the last place team :{ and the team we played was in 4th place in the league. Where does my team stand? 4th place? Still in last? Please can someone answer my question?What happens in my travel soccer placing?It depends on the other teams ranks too. You dont switch places with the 4th placed team. If the second last placed team has 1 win but the rest loses then you would still be in last because they have only one win, but you have a tie. So, look at the others teams stats and see where you stand.What happens in my travel soccer placing?well you guys played a good game well i rank you guys in 1st in dedication 1st in trying your best st in the league for holding back TEAM IN FOURTH PLACE
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