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How much French do I need to know in order to travel to France?

I'm planning to travel to Paris this summer and I'd like to know how much French I should know in order to get around comfortably. I've already taken French I, so I know my basics.How much French do I need to know in order to travel to France?In a big city like Paris you don't need to know French at all although its always nice to have at least a little of the language.

You'll find that just about everyone in the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, cafes) speaks at least some English.How much French do I need to know in order to travel to France?
If you're going to France, you should be familiar with the common words you will need to know such as; where is the restroom, hello, goodbye, etc...

Not only do you need to know some of the language but you need to know what is considered rude and/or polite in that country. I personally know that if you are a woman and you look a man directly in the eyes it means you 'like' that person. Or saying 'tu' instead of 'vous' is rude and only done to people of a lower ranking in society than you. To do this you should enlist the help of a native French speaker, someone who not only knows the language, but the country. Good luck and I hope you have fun!How much French do I need to know in order to travel to France?Congratulations. I've met lots of French folks, and despite what they say on TV... they're nice people and I plan to go some day. Like people in any UN country, they all learn english in school and you also already know some french. But some out of the way or very religious towns may not have many english speakers or they'll all be children. But generally, there's not a whole lot of difference in the big international cities like Paris, New York, Tokyo, or Beijing... no matter what their native language it, there will be english speakers everywhere and most will probably be happy to translate.
Joan C is right.

I have been living in France for 36 years and it is true that here, learning of English is widely spread in schools? So, everybody or quite is able to speak a little english .

BUT !! always make a little efort to speak french. Even simply to say Bonjour or merci. No need to know a lot. The thing is that frenhc have the feeling that you make an effort. This is extremely important and you will make friends very quickly.

You know, in the place I live in, (south west of France) there are a lot of english people, often retired, who live here. Thet show a profond contempt for all what is not english, groups themselves in real villages, naver make the least effort to have contact with "natives" and remain completely insolated in "golden ghettos". As a result, They are completely ignored by french living around and this is the worst behaviour to have.

French, in a general way, are lovely people. They are kind, talkative, always ready to welcome you. In the area I live in, you can't talk more that 10 minutes with someone before to be invited to "come and drink a pastis at home!" That's even really funny!

Last thing....If you plan to come to France, of course, Paris is famous, but this is not the place I would have advised you to stay....Too much touristic. Often a trap...Be careful in Paris!

Nevertheless, have a good time and a enjoy your stay!

DarrenHow much French do I need to know in order to travel to France?I took French at school for a that had been 20years prior to when i travelled. I got about pretty good bar a few small issues but for the most part people spoke english or i knew enough words to get the gist of what they were saying OR I just went to another person to ask.

For the most part knowing the basics will be enough to get around and its polite to speak a few words in french as well. The only thing was it was the only country where i went where all the tv was in cnn or at least my hotel did not have it!How much French do I need to know in order to travel to France?
Not too much because they generally speak pretty good english but Ill give you a few:

ou est le/la/les...(magasins) where is the...(shops)

il y a un/une.....(boulangerie) ici? Is there a (bakery) here?

quelle heure est-il? what is the time.

je voudrais....un/une...(biere) s'il vous plait. I would like a...(beer) please.

combien coute le? Or c'est combien? How much is this?

generally start off by saying . Je suis anglais(e). so they know that you speak a bit of french but some will also help you out if you get a bit stuck. =)
try you have all the lessons for free to be able to deal with any situation in FranceHow much French do I need to know in order to travel to France?
not much just how to say where's the bathroom?

lol. just the basics. you'll pick up stuff while your over there.

ao and have a good trip.
Not much, Just need to know directions, pleasantries, and some questions.
Just the love language :o) Hook up with might have free lodging even :o)
enough to say no i didnt eat the poodle
Some French are reluctant to speak English so you think that they don't understand you! Then they can laugh at you...

You must be able to ask prices, order food and drink and understand replies.

Always begin "Parlez-vous anglais?" to show that you have some French and that you may understand a reply such as "Non! pourquoi ne pas apprendre le fran莽ais, vous ignorant 茅tranger?"

Bon chance and have fun...

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