Monday, January 30, 2012

What does this mean in travel insurance description?

Every travel insurance policy I read says something along these lines:


The policy does not

cover any loss caused by:

pregnancy or childbirth, or elective abortion, other than

the Complications of Pregnancy;"

What do they mean by "other than complications of pregnancy"?

Does that mean that if i purchased their insurance they would not pay for doctor check-ups, but they would pay for a pregnancy emergency?

I know they generally don't cover pregnancy, but what if something goes wrong and the child comes three months early, or gets sick, or such?

I would be really grateful for any answers. Thanks.What does this mean in travel insurance description?If you had an unforseen pregnancy complication - like toxemia, they'd pay, IF IF IF the high blood pressure wasn't pre-existing, which it probably was.

If the BABY comes early, the BABY flat out isn't covered. Only the TRAVELER is covered, and usually only for ACCIDENTS.

Travel insurance is NOTORIOUS for not paying for "health" issues. It's intended, for a broken ankle kinda thing. NOT for, oh, you had a heart attack because you're overweight and had high cholesterol.

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