Thursday, January 26, 2012

How does buying a travel voucher or airline miles from someone else work?

How do I get these transferred to my name so that everything is legit when I travel?How does buying a travel voucher or airline miles from someone else work?Most airlines actually do not allow this; buying miles from someone else is almost always a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the frequent flyer program. If the travel voucher has a clause that it is fully transferable, you can get the voucher number (which is usually accompanied by a PIN) from the seller, then just use it when you make your purchase as if it had been issued in your name; however, there is nothing stopping the seller from using it themself before you have a chance to, and no recourse with the airline if they indeed do that.

Keep in mind that most times, there is a hefty fee required to transfer miles between people so if you buy my United miles for $100, it may cost you another $200 to actually get them to your account (price of course varies based on the number of miles to transfer).

I would NOT trust a stranger in a transaction like this, and I wouldn't do it with a trusted person without first very carefully reading all terms and conditions, restrictions and rules on the voucher. I would not ever buy miles from a person.
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