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Is it safe to travel to Dominican Republic?

My husband and I are planning a trip there in February or 2010. We are probably going to be close around the Punta Cana area. Just wondering if it's safe to travel to the Dominican Republic and go sight seeing and tour around?Is it safe to travel to Dominican Republic?To address any specific questions or concerns about travel to the DR, your best bet is to visit the U.S. Department of State website:鈥?/a>

As a foreigner who has lived in the DR for 2 years, I would say that it is safer than most cities in the United States. Dominicans in general are kind, helpful and patient folks who would open their home and share what they have with any foreigner in need. The country also has a special branch of the police called "Poli-Tur", or tourism police, whose sole mission is to protect tourists.

Punta Cana is the most tourist oriented region of the country, and any legitimate looking tours and excursions are a safe bet. Factors such as your travel experience, language skills and cultural awareness are important things to consider when opting to do some independent sight-seeing. And a little common sense goes a long way anywhere in the world.Is it safe to travel to Dominican Republic?
If I travel to the Dominican Republic I`d visit the North coast, more variety. The East is just beaches and nothing else. I visited the DR 4 months ago and stayed at the Sosua Bay Resort

( ) which has amazing views of the Sosua beach, and close to Puerto Plata and Cabarete.

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Is it safe to travel to Dominican Republic?Yes it is safe to go here. Lately i have been to Barvaro and stayed in the Barcelo Barvaro Caribe which is about 20 minutes from Punta Cana. The food and water on the resort and tours are all safe. For vaccinations i would get the hepatitis A and B also ask your doctor about Anti Malaria pills and some Anti Infection pills for you stomach. As for getting robbed and or killed. I stayed on the resort and on the tours and it was all safe wherever you went. People would beg for belongings so for a heads up bring pencils paper crayons for the kids if you go on the tours. And old kids clothes or adult clothes to give to the maids as a tip insuring excellent service. I also recommend the Barvaro Runners tour it is a safari type tour that shows what the country has to offer. Have a HAPPY and SAFE vacation in the Dominican Republic.
Puna Cana is a tourist area and safe. I lived in a tourist area for nine months and I heard of maybe three muggings where a tourist was robbed at knife point outside of the town, but this is still very rare in tourist areas. Tourism is the core of the Dominican economy and Dominican men will be picked up in the tourist areas after dark if they do not have a job they are coming from. Use common sense and you will be fine. Dominican jails are very harsh and violent crime against tourists are taken very seriously.Is it safe to travel to Dominican Republic?oh yes why not.. just dont wear flashy jewelry i mean why would you if your going on vacation especially to a resort right? thats where people say that it is dangerous. besides that its safe plenty. just dont talk to random taxi drivers leaving the airport only if they're like a yellowcab i mean the others are self employeed and even I that am dominican wouldnt cause idk what they would want. besides that its just like anywhere else but with lots and lots of tourist which loveee going all year around.

dominicans dont actually hate tourist coming and buying out companies and stuff i mean if a white man comes and buys a property he hires dominicans to work for him or to even help build and fix it i mean thats obviously work for them.Is it safe to travel to Dominican Republic?
It sounds like you will be traveling to a very touristic area. These areas are very safe, Punta Cana its an area of tons of resorts. Most of them are all inclusive. The resorts will have tons of things do, they also have their own guards. I would not worry a bit. Haven fun in one of the most beautiful island of the Caribbean.
When tourism is your biggest industry largest source of foreign currency the Government protects that like you wouldn't believe. We can't pay our bills with PESOS because the other countries won't take em so we need foreign currencies to exist.

I have lived here for going on 11 years and travel all over this country and not just the tourist trap of Punta Cana and have never had a problem dressing nicely, driving a nice SUV and white so why should you have a problem?

I don't like Punta Cana because it has no town, no culture and no nada except all inclusives. You will be safer there than in jail and I would rather be in jail:)Is it safe to travel to Dominican Republic?
Oh yes, I've been there it's not like your going to Cuba, it's not a enemy to the U.S. or communist. You can go, but it is kind of poor so don't wear anything expensive or forget to lock the car because they'll steal for money but if you stay in a tourist area that won't even be an issue, like I said its perfectly safe.
The resorts are very safe. The countryside is not as safe, but I've seen worse. Just follow a few basic rules like you would do in a major U.S. city. Don't go anywhere alone, don't walk around at night, etc. You probably will be fine.

We walked around a small town near our resort and never felt threatened. But we also were in an area with quite a few tourists. In the distance, I saw some areas that I would never walk through, and my son and I are pretty good at taking care of ourselves. So just use good judgment.
I don't like any of these answers cause there not based on actually being there. I don't think it is that safe and I have heard that when you go to these resorts they suggest you stay on the property. You should do a lot more research, go to and look into the ports section and see if you can find something on this area. I don't know of other sites that do reviews but do some googling and see what you can find.
It's a great country. I'm a high school student and just returned from a week there. I was doing missions work in places that many people would consider "not safe"...very impoverished villages in the DR. The people are amazing and very kind. I felt comfortable there the whole time. If a high school student can go and be's absolutely fine.
wow i cant believe the answers your gettingwith out knowledge only by the area and how nice it is, you simlpy asked if it was safe in dominican republic? the answer is YES. why? becuase their people and govenorment , do NOT have violence that WE in canada and usa are seeing and use to, The dominicans if ANYTHING steal. from eachother, running shoes, pants , shirts, they DO NOT HAVE TVS as we do or streeos, or IPODS, or computers ect, if you leave your ipod around or in you rroom of course it may go missing, its GOLD TO THEM. hide it or bring it with you at all times. HIDE your wallet of course money is easy to steal, PASSPORTS as they want to go free if they chose, or sell your id IDENTIITY THEFT. as for murders, killings, stabbings, wow NOT AT ALL IN DOMINICAN they are to soft and their culture DOESNT EVEN KNOW THAT LIFE. they hear about it about canadians or usa or other parts of the world and THEY dont understand it, you go there you will see why, for cripe sakes they dont even know what CRACK IS OR COCAIN and if they did, they say please dont talk like that here, their govenorment is for tourist, if anyone was to rob you and or hurt you, no questions asked, you dont want to know what happens to them, I LOOKED INTO THIS long before i went there, thier to loving to hurt anyone, the only hurt they can do is break up with a girlfirend or lover, they are harmless people. poor yes violent, no dangerous NO . not where we come from, they like it where they are just because of what they see of us dailey, enjoy and just hide your money, jelwery, valuables, in your room and or keep it in your beach bag with you al all times, thats the worst you going to get from dominicans is stolen from. so watch your stuff at all times, on beach, in room, and your back pocket wallet should be now in your front pocket, that includes their call girls who pick pocket while you are saying NO THANK YOU . front pocket guys while in cuba and dominican ...have fun and enoy, as for theft its not daily and as long as you watch your stuff as you do at home. you be happy,OH and you said you want to sight see with friends, keep in mind lights go out at 3am, EVERYWHERE but resorts to save energy and power there, is all black make sure your close to your resort if your in town and have a cabby ready, if not better know your way home, so more less be out of the local bars by 1am or 2 latest. and also men and woman there like woman, go to bathroom with a frinedm is more a problem for woman, woman on woman, they wont hurt you but admire your body as it is different from theirs, LOTS of call girls and LOTS OF guys who wanna have you take care of them while your at your home country . just enjoy , they are FRIENDLEY AS HELL like cubans. FAR FROM MEXICIO nothing like that place.
Completely safe. People are great, and you won't have a problem, infact your only issue might be that people overly nice and helpful. Just have common sense, don't flash around wads of cash, don't wear expensive jewelry if you're going outside your resort.
yes, very safe :)

the people are lovely and warm and friendly

when i went, we rented a car and drove to Higuey which is about a couple hours away from Punta Cana. It was amazing and we didn't run into any problems. Enjoy your trip =)
I am from Cancun and I have been in really dangerous cities as Mexico City and you know where I was stolen? In NYC; so I think life is more about fate or destiny.

I would go, without thinking, specially to a beautiful place like that!
Punta Cana is safe. Dominican Republic is like any other country, try walking late at night in East New York, Brooklyn, and you will see.
yes it's safe.

but if you do not know where you are going to wander off too far from the hotel. Punta Cana is beautiful ! so enjoy your trip.
as long as you don't leave the the hotel resort you be fine
I I'm shure that the Dominican Republic is more secure than your own town in the US, so don't worry and enjoy it!
why not? its just a country like urs!

if the programme is well organized then there's no problem

Yeah, buy a gun when you get there.

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