Monday, January 23, 2012

What happens when you travel with your family?

What happens when you travel with your family, what does wrong. (example: a young couple with a 5 year old, a 6 year old and a 7 year old something like that?)What happens when you travel with your family?My kids are much older, but I will give you the best scenario I can. Lets see the arguing starts before we get out of the driveway about who is going to sit where. They have CD players, portable DVD players, game boys, magazines, you name it but they are still going to find things to argue about. They want to borrow each others Cd's, magazines etc and it is an argument. I think it is just being locked up in the vehicle that sets them off. One complains because the other has reclined his seat too far. Another complains because they can hear anothers music through their head phones. They complain because someones pillow or blanket is on their side of the vehicle. ETC ETC ETC....I have really great kids, I can take them any where and be proud, its just on the way to get there, I need to take Valium (just kidding).

They start with the staring at each other contests and then the repeating every word the other one says contest, then the slapping starts......ugh, just love summer vacations

Then there is the one who always throws up from car sickness, the dog who drolls, the flat tire, traffic jams are always great especially when someone is screaming over and over that they have to go pee. And then I have this one child who will tell me she is hungry, we are in the middle of no where with no civilation in sight but she demands that I stop and get her something to eat. This has become a 10 year old family joke, because I would always say, "so you want me to reach in my back pocket and pull out a PBJ sandwich?"What happens when you travel with your family?Let me guess? haven't a clue next question lol
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