Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is a good stroller for airline travel?

I have a four month old and I do not want to hassle with taking my whole travel system on the plane. My in-laws have a car seat for us so all I need is something compact and easy that I can use for an infant, preferably that can go in the overhead or captain's closet. I love the travel system I have here at home so I do not want to spend more than like 100 dollars on this one b/c I won't use it much. Any suggestions?What is a good stroller for airline travel?I've done lots and lots of flying with my infant (he's nine months and we've been averaging a trip every two months) and I'm actually wondering why you don't want to bring your travel system? The airlines I have flown (Continental, Northwest, American) have all never said a peep to me about checking both my car seat and the stroller. I have a Snap n Go by Baby Trend (this was 60 dollars at BRU) which I LOVE simply because it is so light...but the only time that would be nice in an airport is when you have to lift it onto the conveyer belt to get xrayed. I have found the stroller incredibly handy because you can stow things in the basket and hang your carryon from the handle bars, etc. I don't know why you would want to bring a smaller stroller since the airlines have no problem with checking it at the gate...that means they do all the lifting.What is a good stroller for airline travel?
I have a travel system also and i actually took that with me on the plane when my daughter was 6 weeks old and alls u do is wheel it down the strip to the front door of the plane and take the baby out and they handel it from there. You can take your stroller from ur travel system and they fold it up and everything its great, and they also bring it to the door of the plane when you land.What is a good stroller for airline travel?You dont take the stroller on the plane w/you so it doesnt really matter what type. We ended up taking a small umbrella-like stroller but I wish I had took the big travel system one. They check the strollers at the gate of the airplane, and when you get off the airplane they bring it to the front so it's right there waiting for you. I highly suggest taking your travel system stroller.What is a good stroller for airline travel?
Just get a umbrella stroller there the best things for travel! You can get a cheap nice one for less then 20 i always use that for travel with my son and its so convenient and works great!What is a good stroller for airline travel?I have a sport Chicco from babies r us. It was $70 and I really like it.......What is a good stroller for airline travel?
Just to let you know that most airlines will let you check your stroller at no cost to you. You may want to call the airline that you will be flying with just to make sure. We are going to florida in september and will be traveling with a four month old. We called the airline to see how much it would cost to check the car seat and stroller and they said it was no cost. I think that we are going to get a backpack thing to carry her around in the air port.

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