Thursday, January 26, 2012

How does a Canadian buy travel insurance outside of Canada?

I am a Canadian citizen, I pay my taxes and my medical bills on time and I am still considered a resident of Canada. I have been in China for over a year and my previous insurance ran out - which didn't matter because I am covered in China by the school I work for. Now I have to go to Ghana for a week. I'd like to buy travel insurance, but all the sites I'm finding say that you must be in Canada to buy the insurance. I can't go home first! What should I do?How does a Canadian buy travel insurance outside of Canada?Here are some links-

I had a similar situation- I was living in the Caymans Islands, no longer a Canadian resident, and wanted to travel for the summer. But every policy required that Canadian citizens be insured in their home privince, which I no longer have as non-resident. IMG was the only one I found, but as you DO have Canadian insurance, this will be easy for you. There are lots of short-term plans.鈥?/a>,,,,,,鈥?鈥?/div>
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